Blockchain and NFT

An Elevate 2021 winner

Artyosync is a product that was pitched as an idea for the POC program during the Elevate 2021 initiative by the Department of IT and BT, Government of Karnataka. Artyosync was chosen as the winner and has been collaborating closely with NASSCOM, a partner for the Elevate program.

Artyosync is a platform that uses blockchain technology to transform artworks such as paintings and music into NFTs (non-fungible tokens). It also allows for recording metadata about the artwork so that the market can understand its value. Currently, Artyosync has uploaded 23 artworks as NFTs.

The ArtYosync product tackles a key problem in the art sector: the lack of clear identity verification for stakeholders. In this unorganised industry, individuals often assert themselves as professionals with the right education and experience. However, the process to accurately identify and validate stakeholders in the ecosystem is unclear and lacks transparency.

In 2023, Takshay Labs was selected as the official technology partner for the “Namma Smaraka” Initiative under the “Adopt a Monument” scheme by the Department of Archeology, Museums, and Heritage, Government of Karnataka (DAMH). This partnership stemmed from their work on developing the ArtYosync platform and their status as winners of the Elevate 2021 program.

Building on our experience developing the ArtYosync platform and collaborating with stakeholders in the heritage and art sector, we’ve suggested a research endeavour to establish a “DPI for Monuments” using DPGs, a pioneering concept globally. This DPI aims to pinpoint stakeholders and lay the groundwork for further innovations utilising AR/VR, the metaverse, generative AI, and other technologies, drawing from authenticated information provided by verified stakeholders for the global market.