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India’s first COVID-19 Blockchain Platform

BelYo stands as a groundbreaking Health Tech initiative, spearheaded through collaboration with YoSync from Takshay Labs and blockchain partner BelfricsBT. Originating from the CoWin challenge initiated by the Government of India in partnership with IIIT-B and Mphasis F1 Foundation, BelYo emerged as India’s First Covid19 blockchain platform. During the second lockdown, BelYo facilitated the issuance of over 2700 certificates, establishing itself as a verified cross-border solution.

Recognising its potential, the National Health Authority invited us to showcase BelYo’s capabilities within the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM), endorsing blockchain-based solutions. BelfricsBT is diligently handling the blockchain aspects, while YoSync focuses on individual identity metadata, streamlining the sharing and validation of pertinent healthcare professional information such as memberships and educational backgrounds, presently in the piloting stage.

Building on our experience with BelYo, YoSync has identified a prospective game-changer “the Family Identity initiative”. This unique solution employs a consensus framework to map family members, potentially evolving into a Digital Public Good (DPG). This DPG could revolutionise healthcare sector by establishing hereditary and DNA data sets, invaluable for future scientific research endeavours. Presently, simulated data aids such research initiatives.

The implications of the Family Identity initiative extend beyond healthcare, offering solutions for sectors requiring family tree validation, including legal and revenue sectors. Globally, various initiatives are underway to develop open-source civil registries, intending to document human lifecycles from birth to death, seamlessly linked to national IDs.

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