Government Engagement 

Takshay is the exclusive technology partner for “Namma Smaraka” Initiative under “Adopt a Monument” Scheme from Department of Archeology, Museums and Heritage, Government of Karnataka in an attempt to create DPI for Monuments with help of other stakeholders

Cultural Partner

Our collaboration with three cultural partners, each specializing in distinct domains, has facilitated the conceptualization of DPI for monuments. Culkey Foundation serves as our cultural tech partner, while India Foundation focuses on paintings and crafts. Additionally, Natanam Trust specializes in music, dance, and other performing arts, collectively contributing to the development of comprehensive solutions.

Technology Partner

Takshay’s global network of technology partners empowers government departments and private entities with a vast array of compliant and integrated solutions to choose from.


Student Startup Partner

As part of our ecosystem-building initiative, Takshay has joined forces with CoCreate, an organization dedicated to funding student startups and providing industry-specific skill training. We are actively pursuing collaborations with the Karnataka Skill Development Authority and the Department of Tourism to cultivate skilled talent in monument documentation and technology areas such as AR/VR, metaverse, Generative AI, and more.