Shipping & Delivery

Yosync online purchase and delivery is the on-spot transaction to all major locations across India through trusted payment gateways.



For delivery within India, shipping is free and no surcharge of any kind is payable.



Purchase and shipping of digital badges throughout the week, except when the servers of third-party payment gateway providers are facing downtime.



Most orders are delivered within real-time or within 2 business days, in case of the transaction has been executed by the customer but is pending from the bank or from the payment provider. Business days exclude public holidays and Sundays. However, the delivery time is subject to factors beyond our control and may exceed due to unforeseen external factors.

Purchase of all digital badges will be done to the users registered Yosync account as mentioned by Yosync at the time of purchase. In case of modifications with regards to the delivery, kindly drop us an E-mail at within 2 hours of the purchase of the badge.

Once a product has been purchased no modifications can be made but it will be subject to cancellation based on the “Cancellation protect & Refund policy”



Our Badges are secured & tamper-proof as it is in digital form which is encrypted by a hashing key. If the customer finds the badge “Digital image” not up to the specification provided by Yosync then the user has all rights to initiate a refund based on Yosync’s Refund Policy, and return it back to the source account(herein “Yosync”).

Please email us at by mentioning your Transaction Id and we will do the needful.

If the purchase has been completed, it will be assumed that the badge was received in a secure manner.