At Takshay, we advocate for nurturing digital identity as a pivotal force driving significant change. Currently, our team is deeply engaged across diverse sectors, exploring methodologies to leverage the digital ID paradigm for equitable and effective allocation of rights and services.

Our aim is to ensure the interoperability of the ID infrastructure with a myriad of other Digital Public Goods (DPG), for digital transformation leading to societal change.

In pursuit of this goal, we are developing the Digital Public Solutions (DPS)?

Takshay Labs Private Limited (Formerly Synk Labs Private Limited) commenced its journey in 2016, driven by a dynamic vision to revolutionise the identity solutions landscape. A pivotal restructuring in 2019-20, marked by a change in directors, galvanised our commitment to pioneering solutions in the identity realm.

In 2020, Takshay, with its product named Yosync, collaborated with the esteemed global blockchain startup BelfricsBT to unveil India’s first COVID-19 blockchain platform. This groundbreaking initiative, supported by the unwavering backing of Mphasis F1 Foundation through IIITB-IMAX Studios, embodies our unwavering commitment to innovation.

In 2022, as winner of Elevate 2021, we unveiled our visionary concept of establishing an NFT platform tailored for artists, arts, and artworks. Through meticulous digitization efforts, we’ve transformed paintings, artforms, and more into NFTs enriched with metadata, thus bringing them into the digital realm.

Takshay proudly serves as the exclusive technology partner for the esteemed Culkey Foundation, spearheading the “Namma Smarkaka Initiative” under the auspices of the Department of Archeology, Museums, and Heritage, Government of Karnataka. In collaboration with Culkey, we have envisioned a pioneering research proposal, endorsed by Mr. Prashath Prakash, Chairman of the Startup Vision Group, Government of Karnataka.