Your ultimate ID wallet

YoSync, the first product conceived by the founder of Synk Labs Private Limited, underwent a transformation alongside a change in leadership, leading to the company’s rebranding as Takshay Labs Private Limited. Throughout its evolution, YoSync has grappled with the intricate challenge of identity management, a puzzle that remains complex to solve even today.

YoSync, as a product, is engineered to provide identity solutions customised to varied needs, acknowledging the nuanced requirements of each situation. Its emergence coincided with debates surrounding Aadhaar, prompting discussions on privacy and security. Over the preceding decade, global endeavours have established and refined identity standards through experimentation. Looking forward, identity solutions are set to become economically viable for governments and private entities, heralding a transformative change in how citizens engage with their identities for specific purposes.

YoSync aims to provide an API-based solution adaptable to different sectors and purposes, with a focus on learning and crafting a state-of-the-art product. While standards for individual identity exist, the establishment of norms in other sectors remains a work in progress. Presently, YoSync is tackling the challenge of developing Monument ID and its associated attributes, including epigraphies and sculptures, as sub-IDs. This effort also involves creating identities for stakeholders such as archaeologists, historians, and mythologists. The goal is to build a platform for recording, reviewing, and sharing information in a structured manner. Currently, the sector lacks organization, with data stored in isolated silos

YoSync aspires to lead the market by offering easily adaptable identity solutions that comply with privacy laws worldwide.