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The YoSync Project

The Yosync Project – A startup endorsed as the Elevate 2021 winner and selected as a technology partner for the Government of Karnataka’s “Namma Smaraka” project is dedicated to developing and implementing efficient ID systems as DPGs to establish DPIs.

In 2020, we embarked on a journey that led us to create India’s pioneering Covid19 blockchain platform, BelYo. It was a breakthrough, offering digital verification of Covid19 certificates across borders. The National Health Authority, under the COWIN initiative, took notice and beckoned us to explore the possibility of implementing our solution domestically.

However, the prospect of integrating blockchain, which required establishing a wallet for certificate issuance akin to the monumental Aadhaar implementation, proved daunting, and the idea was set aside.

Undeterred, at Takshay, we delved into identity projects with a vision of crafting ecosystem solutions rather than mere products or services. We sought a domain that would allow us to forge identities imbued with attribute IDs within an ecosystem characterised by unorganised stakeholders.

In 2022, Takshay was declared the winner of Elevate 2021 by the Department of IT/BT, Government of Karnataka for developing a platform where art and artists could exhibit, contribute to, and commercialise their artwork as NFTs. We curated 23 distinct art forms complete with metadata, transforming them into NFTs.

Then, in 2023, Takshay was honoured to be chosen as the exclusive technology partner for the “Namma Smaraka” initiative under the “Adopt a Monument” Scheme by the Department of Archeology, Museums, and Heritage, Government of Karnataka.

Currently, our primary focus revolves around delving into a groundbreaking research initiative called Monument IDs. This initiative encompasses a wide array of attributes, ranging from epigraphies to sculptures, paintings, and more. Alongside, we’re also identifying stakeholders such as archeologists, historians, mythologists, and artists who play pivotal roles in the preservation and interpretation of monuments.

Our overarching goal with Monument IDs is to instil order and structure into what is often perceived as an unorganised sector. By establishing a Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) for Monuments, we aspire to pioneer a comprehensive system that catalogues and safeguards the rich heritage of our monuments for future generations.

Yosync, our innovative brainchild, is poised to evolve into a Digital Public Good (DPG) dedicated to identity-related solutions. Its mission is simple yet profound: to seamlessly integrate with existing ecosystems, sparing the need for redundant reinventions. However, while Yosync holds immense promise, there remains a substantial amount of groundwork to be laid within the realm of Individual ID ecosystems.

In Yosync, our efforts are directed towards crafting processes that guarantee ownership, bolster security measures, and foster inclusivity across borders. It’s a daunting task, but one that we’re wholeheartedly committed to, driven by our unwavering dedication to technological advancement and societal progress.

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